Questions about your bill:

​​What billing information will I receive?

At your consultation, you will receive a receipt for the consultation fee paid. We are able to process your medicare claim onsite should you wish, which means your medicare rebate will be deposited directly into your bank account. Please ensure your bank account details are registered with Medicare. Should you have any queries regarding this, please call Medicare on 132 011. Private health insurance rebates do not apply to consultations.

For Worker's Compensation patients, we bill the Worker's Compensation insurer directly. However, you must have pre-approval for the consultation from your Worker's compensation insurer otherwise you will be liable for the consultation fees. Your Worker's Compensation case manager can organise this. Approvals for consultations will need to be faxed to (02) 8677 3836.


What if I need surgery?

Surgery may sometimes be required if conservative measures have been exhausted or your condition is unlikely to improve with conservative treatment. Surgery always has associated risks (such as reactions to the anaesthetic, infection, bleeding, pain) and therefore will only be recommended if deemed necessary. 

Dr Huang operates at Nepean Public Hospital, Nepean Private Hospital, Sydney Private Hospital and Norwest Private Hospital. 

If you have private health insurance and wish to proceed in a private hospital, you will need to fill out the hospital admission forms and surgery consent form for the hospital of your choice. 

Dr Huang will explain the surgery in detail including the recovery, expected prognosis and any risks or complications that may occur. 

You will be provided with a surgical quote that will details the costs of Dr Ke Huang and his chosen surgical assistant (doctor who assists him during your surgery). Each surgical procedure is given an item number to identify the surgery and this will be detailed on the surgical quote.  

Different health funds and policies have different levels of cover. Therefore we recommend you contact your health fund and advised them of the item number(s) quoted for your surgery to obtain your estimated rebate. 

Once your surgery deposit is paid, your surgery date will be confirmed and the hospital will be in contact with you the day before surgery to advise the time you will need to arrive on the date of surgery. After surgery, you will be provided with a receipt of payments made (if applicable) and a follow-up appointment time. Your first follow-up appointment after surgery is included in your surgery cost and therefore no payment will be required on this day.

Please note that there will be additional costs as part of your surgery, such as anaesthetic fees, hospital/physiotherapy fees. These fees can be discussed with the anaesthetist or hospital/physiotherapist. You will be provided with the details of your anaesthetist in your pre-operative quote.

If you do not have private health insurance, Dr Huang also operates at Nepean Public Hospital. You will be required to fill out the admission forms for your surgery and submit it to Nepean Public Hospital to be placed on the waiting list. We advise you to submit of your forms as soon as possible as this partly determines your place on the waiting list. Unfortunately we are unable to give specific dates or estimates for waiting times as this depends on the type of surgery and other patients waiting on the waiting list.

For Workcover patients, if surgery is deemed to be required, a surgical request will be sent to your Workcover insurer for consideration. Once surgery has been approved, our office will contact you to organise an appropriate date for surgery. 

Please do not hesitate to contact our office on (02) 8840 9938 with any queries.